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Postgres Connector!

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Shared by Matthew • November 10, 2023

Hi there,


We’re excited to share that our Postgres connector is officially live! There are many tools that 1-way pull data out of Postgres or 1-way push data into Postgres.

Whalesync is one of the only tools that 2-way syncs data between Postgres and apps like HubSpot, Airtable, and Shopify.

While this connector is meant to save time for developers, it’s fully configurable with no code. You just need a Postgres connection string and you can instantly start mapping tables.

Why We Built the Postgres Connector

Postgres is core to so many businesses, yet it’s not always easy to get data into and out of it. ETL tools like Fivetran exist to 1-way push data into Postgres and Reverse ETLs like Census help you 1-way pull data out.

Unlike ETLs, Whalesync helps you two-way sync Postgres data so you can do powerful things like:

  • Two-way sync Postgres and HubSpot to build internal tools on top of your CRM data
  • Two-way sync Postgres and Airtable to give non-technical teammates the ability to view/edit Postgres data

Template Packs

Try out one of our Postgres Templates to quickly set up a sync between Postgres and Shopify or HubSpot. With our templates, you can see your first data syncing in <5 minutes.