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WordPress Connector!

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Shared by Matthew • November 10, 2023

Hi there,


One of our most highly requested connectors of all time is officially live… WordPress! You can now create and manage thousands of WordPress posts entirely from tools like Airtable or Notion. This is a big one 💥.

Why We Built the WordPress Connector

WordPress was started back in 2003 and today powers an estimated 40% of the world’s websites (🤯). While Webflow is still one of our personal favorites, we wanted to support similar use cases for the millions of people building on WordPress. With this new connector, you can now control WordPress from places like Airtable and Notion. This enables super powerful use cases like:

  • Build thousands of programmatic SEO pages to rank on Google (Airtable ↔ WordPress)
  • Manage your blog from your favorite editor (Notion ↔ WordPress)

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Support

One of the most common requests we heard for WordPress was, “Please build custom field support!”… so we did 😃!

Our WordPress connector supports custom fields through the popular Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin. Once you create custom fields in ACF, you can map them in Whalesync just like any other field. It’s literally that easy.

WordPress.com Support

In addition to supporting websites built on top of WordPress.org, we also support sites built on WordPress.com.

Template Packs

Try out our WordPress template pack to quickly set up a sync between WordPress and Airtable or Notion. With our template packs, you can see your first data syncing in <5 minutes.