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Shopify Connector!

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Shared by Matthew • November 10, 2023

Hi there,


Our Shopify connector is officially live! You can now manage and bulk edit all of your Shopify products from the comfort of an Airtable spreadsheet or turn Webflow into an e-comm store backed by Shopify 🤯.

Why We Built the Shopify Connector

Earlier this year we launched our first e-commerce connector: Webflow E-Commerce. Unsurprisingly, this led to a chorus of requests for the 800-pound e-comm gorilla that is Shopify. With this new Shopify connector, we couldn’t be happier about the amazing use cases it unlocks. Ultimately, Shopify is an amazing tool, but managing hundreds or thousands of products in their UI can take forever.

With our new Shopify connector you can some awesome things like:

  • Manage (and bulk update) your e-comm store from a spreadsheet (Shopify x Airtable)
  • Turn your Webflow site into a fully featured e-comm store (Shopify x Webflow)
  • Build internal tools on top of your Shopify data (Shopify x Postgres)

Template Packs

Try out our Shopify Template Pack to quickly set up a sync between Shopify and Airtable. With our template packs, you can see your first data syncing in <5 minutes.


Get Started

To manage all your e-commerce products from Airtable or connect Shopify with Webflow, simply create an account here and choose Shopify on the Connect Apps page.